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Commercial Loans

Getting a commercial real estate loan is not the same as getting a home loan. Lenders want to make sure that your firm can handle the loan payments because you'll be using the property for commercial purposes and paying back the loan using business revenue. Kingston Financial Corporation is here to assist you every step of the way.

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Commercial Loans

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There are many different loans and lenders to select from when applying for a commercial real estate loan, so it's critical to pick one that not only offers the type of loan you want, but also has rates you can afford and qualification requirements you can satisfy.

  • Financing a property is the most common way for individuals and corporations to purchase residential and commercial real estate without having to pay the entire purchase price in cash at the time of purchase.

  • Commercial real estate loans are usually only five or ten years long. Loan amortizations, on the other hand, can often be substantially longer - up to 25 years.

  • A minimum credit score of 660 is usually required to qualify for an SBA loan. The minimal credit score for SBA 504 loans is usually 680.